Summer update: 8/22 – 8/28

this was me this weekend: because …. piano piano piano! but also…. 50 billion notes! 4 pianos + over-the-top epic rep = broken strings and lots of scampering The pianos […]

Summer Update: 8/14 – 8/21

One of my favorite chamber music memories was during my first semester as a masters student, where I was assigned to play the Poulenc Sextet for wind quintet and piano. […]

Summer update: 8/8-8/14

When I moved to Bath County at the beginning of September 2015, I was there just in time to catch the blowout string extravaganza that was last summer’s finale.  Always […]

Summer Update: Aug 1-7

I’m terrible with goodbyes.  Because how do you encapsulate your appreciation for someone in a hurried moment?  It’s one of those instances where words fail me, but oh well, goodbyes […]

Summer Update – July 25-31

You know, I have never met a less complain-y group of 18-25 year olds than this one.  Not one whiner in the bunch.  It’s remarkable, really.  Maybe they’re being real […]

Summer update – 7/11-7/17/16

  So the Emerging Artists have all arrived.  Which means our normally quiet grounds are full of life and laughter.  It’s been wonderful; instead of shutting off the lights at […]

On the start of our 2016 summer season

The summer shenanigans at Garth Newel are now in full swing.  Technically, we started July 4th weekend, with Rene Marie packing Herter Hall on Saturday, and with us resident musicians at […]