On the start of our 2016 summer season

The summer shenanigans at Garth Newel are now in full swing.  Technically, we started July 4th weekend, with Rene Marie packing Herter Hall on Saturday, and with us resident musicians at the Homestead on Sunday.

photo taken by Scott Bartlett
photo taken by Scott Bartlett


But the roiling kickoff to our jam-packed season seemed to come this past weekend, with Saturday and Sunday filling us all with energizing performances, delicious meals, informative talks, and delightful company.

Saturday’s “Gypsiness” event began with the 4pm Musical Icebreaker “Wild Beauty: the intoxicating influence of gypsy music throughout time”.  Several people had asked me for the links to videos that I had played throughout the talk, so here it the entire playlist –


One of the videos, Violon Tzigane, had not made it into the talk, but I wanted to point it out because it’s worth listening to.  It definitely captures that manic energy that I love about gypsy music.

And now, for some pictures!

From Saturday’s “Gypsiness” Concert (7.9.16)

FullSizeRender 274
Guests having cocktails before the concert on Saturday
trio laughing
Larry Davis from Lewisburg, WV, was sitting in the front row and managed to catch us all giggling onstage. A pretty accurate representation of what rehearsals are like for us actually


FullSizeRender 278
We are very serious here. Must be from the ending of the 1st mvt of Brahms gm. Another capture by the ever vigilant Larry Davis
Screenshot 2016-07-11 01.29.33
Guess what movement of brahms gm this screenshot is from?

From Saturday’s dinner:

FullSizeRender 286
Rack of Lamb!
FullSizeRender 279
This pastry reminded me of the flaky crust on a Chinese egg custard tart. It was insanely yummy.
FullSizeRender 283
photo bomb! sat with Larry and Ann Davis and their from Lewisburg. Absolutely lovely company – look forward to seeing them all again at the end of our season!


FullSizeRender 277
I always seem to stuff my face before remembering to take pictures. I guess I’m not versed in the instagram-y foodie behaviour yet

Sunday’s concert “Ravishment” (7.10.16)

A clip from Sunday’s concert of the Rachmaninoff sonata for cello and piano

FullSizeRender 276
This is my landlord Dave Johnston!
FullSizeRender 275
My mountain of food. Post Sunday picnic. Eyes bigger than stomach. A common problem with Josh’s delicious meals
FullSizeRender 281
Celeste Johnston!

From the picnic after the concert

FullSizeRender 285
Check out Evelyn’s side-eye.
FullSizeRender 282
Pretty desserts that have a patriotic flair
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