On what musicians are thinking about when they perform

The following thoughts occurred on March 9th, during our concert at VMI

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Are we all ready to bow yet?  I’m having trouble standing without falling over – Jeannette
You guys, wait for me.  I’m still walking.  Seriously, if you guys start bowing without me I’ll be really annoyed – Evelyn
Hm. Jeannette walks really fast on stage.  How come I never noticed that before? It must be because she usually enters last at Herter.  – Teresa
This is so great!  What a great crowd!  I’m so excited!  Music is so wonderful! – Isaac
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Ack, what was the name of Mozart’s money-hungry editor again?  Hoff-something.  The Hoff.  David Hassel-hoff.  I hope he says it because I hate not remembering.  DMA = Doesn’t Mean Anything. – Jeannette
Hm. They’re not laughing at the same joke here.  That’s so weird. – Evelyn
Can Jeannette see me?  Maybe I should scoot my chair forward a little.  Well, best not move when Isaac is talking. – Teresa
Shoot, I said “beautiful” twice.  Arg.  – Isaac
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 Do they want my A?  Hey Evelyn!  Do you want an A?  Evelyn?  Hey!  I’m trying to whisper to you!  – Jeannette
Is that a fly in here? – Evelyn
What’s going on? Everybody ready?  It’s a fast cue, everyone hurry up and look at me – Teresa
Oh hooray, I don’t have to worry about scratching up this floor.  There are so many holes already here.  What a luxury! – Isaac
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Screenshot 2016-03-11 00.24.57

Screenshot 2016-03-11 00.19.48
 Quick!  Piano solo – turn the page!  HURRY! – Teresa and Evelyn

Screenshot 2016-03-11 00.03.25

Man, I want to do this again, now that I’m more familiar with this piano.  I can’t BELIEVE I smeared the line in the 3rd movement.  I ruined such an amazing moment! Aw, everyone is so nice.  Look at them standing!  That’s so sweet!    – Jeannette
Standing ovation!  Cool as a moose!  – Evelyn
Well, that was fun!  I’m hungry.  Did they have cookies in the green room for us? – Teresa
Music is just the best! I’m so happy I get to do this all the time!  – Isaac
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