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We are 2/3ds of the way through our Richmond tour, and wanted to update everyone with how its going so far.  But because Richmond is so ravishingly beautiful, it seemed more appropriate to let pictures tell most of the story.


Even though we left for Richmond on the 23rd, our tour was really kicked off by Dave Cantor’s wonderful article about us in Richmond’s Style Weekly.
Once in Richmond, our first performance was a special spring fete at Windemere, the impressive Tudor-style home of Betty G. Brown.  We were told that it had served as the governor’s home for many years, and that it had the only pool that was open during the polio scare, making it a nostalgic landmark for many who had grown up in the area.
We were completely charmed by the effervescent Betty Brown and her extremely likable family, who were as friendly and embracing as could be.  Betty has an intense love for music, and had long wanted to bring Garth Newel to Richmond.  Through her and her son Wayne’s generous hospitality, the immense work and planning of John Braymer, the help of Meta Braymer, and all the invaluable contributions of the Richmond host committee, it finally happened!
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 If you like mowing lawns, you should probably send Windemere an application.

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 (I start taking pictures when we stop playing. I don’t know.  Blame the adhd).

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 The delightful Betty Brown and the amazing John Braymer.  I am going to run out of superlatives soon.
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 Post performance!  Can you see our sweat?  At least you can’t smell it, haha!
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 the delightful Orells and their son Matthew!
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John Braymer’s painted violins.
I have to say, this man has impeccable taste.  His eye for design is extraordinary.  Isaac and I are staying at his home during this tour and oh my god, every detail in this house is thought out and beautifully constructed.  Also, he’s made my fantasy library.
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Next stop:  Agecroft Hall,
The beautiful tribute to England’s past, Agecroft is a landmark in history, as well as a pretty surreal place to perform.
 John had arranged to have a piano moved into Windemere and Agecroft, and to have a tuner come before each performance.  He takes care of my needs so well!


Ann Kenny-Urban, the executive director of Agecroft, is awesome.  She took us on a free tour of Agecroft when we were doing our soundcheck, and even played the role of picture taker, laughing at our giddiness as we skipped through the sunken gardens.  Ok, I should stop saying ‘we’.  Evelyn, Teresa, and Isaac acted like normal people, and I sort of hopped around like a waterbug.
 For the record, this was Isaac’s idea.
Afterwards, John and Meta Braymer hosted a delicious dinner, of which I am still digesting happily.  The Braymers are such awesome hosts.  They wouldn’t even let us wash the dishes, despite our efforts to be sneaky about it.
Bella, the cutest little bunny dog.
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