Literally, so many wrong notes

Why are we so hung up on wrong notes? After this year’s 10-week summer season, while I did all the whoops and high fives of getting to the end without […]

4 pianists walk into a bar…

Every summer at Garth Newel’s there’s a keyboard weekend. It a tradition that started before my hire, and it involves 3 pianists descending onto Garth Newel to join me and […]

Unapologetically Yours

by Jeannette Fang I’ve been noticing more and more musicians saying that they don’t enjoy the spotlight. I don’t know if this is becoming a trend or not, it’s just something […]

On “Cruel ragtime” and Chopin nocturnes

Sometimes musical kinship between two vastly different composers isn’t readily apparent until you start practicing for a concert that you’ve programmed them on.  One wouldn’t naturally find similarities between the […]

On Dohnanyi’s Piano Quintet no.2 in E-flat

In our first rehearsal yesterday of Dohnanyi’s op.26 Piano Quintet, Juliette, who was unfamiliar with the work, remarked on how nostalgic it seemed. “Was it a late composition?” Meh, more […]

On Edgar Allan Poe’s influence on Music

Richmond homeboy Edgar Allan Poe will get the spotlight this coming Sunday with a couple of very cool works that you may not know about. More than a few composers […]