Introducing Garth Newel Spotify Playlists

The Garth Newel Piano Quartet is excited to introduce a comprehensive listening companion for our 50th Anniversary Season! Spotify is an audio streaming service which provides listeners access to a myriad of recordings. Through QR codes found in your program book, links on our website, or through our profile on Spotify, Garth Newel Music Center, you will find playlists corresponding to every concert this season with recordings selected by the Garth Newel Piano Quartet. Spotify is free, though a premium option to remove ads is highly recommended. We hope you will use this resource we have curated for your enjoyment and education. Multiple hearings of a new piece, for example, give new insight and awareness, and discovering more of a composer’s oeuvre can increase understanding of music and its infinite variety of expression. Use the QR codes found in your program book to access a specific concert’s playlist or visit our profile on Spotify to view the entire season listed in chronological order.    

Open the camera app on your smartphone and center the QR code below on your screen. Click the pop-up, yellow link to access the playlist for the first concert of our Archduke Weekend 2023.

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