Inside the Music: Lera Auerbach

In 2016, I wrote an excited post about Lera Auerbach for this blog, in which I gave a very subjective listing of some facts of her life that I had […]

4 pianists walk into a bar…

Every summer at Garth Newel’s there’s a keyboard weekend. It a tradition that started before my hire, and it involves 3 pianists descending onto Garth Newel to join me and […]

On Mark Carlson’s Piano Quartet

Piano Quartet by Mark Carlson: Composer, Teacher, Performer and Music Lover When I was a sophomore at UCLA and struggling with, among many things, the anxiety that comes with trying […]

On Steven Stucky’s Piano Quartet

by Jeannette Fang It was on Valentine’s Day of last year that Steven Stucky passed away.  Brain cancer, they reported. “Steven Stucky, Composer Who Won a Pulitzer, Dies at 66” […]

On “Cruel ragtime” and Chopin nocturnes

Sometimes musical kinship between two vastly different composers isn’t readily apparent until you start practicing for a concert that you’ve programmed them on.  One wouldn’t naturally find similarities between the […]

On Lera Auerbach

This week I annoyed the quartet by asking them if we could start programming next year’s pub concerts.  (Sorry guys!)  This is way ahead of when we usually do it, but […]