Inside the Music: Stylefinder edition

by Jeannette Fang Categories are quick, but they are not always accurate, and more often than not they can be misleading. Just take a look at iTunes, where the “Classical” screen encompasses everything from albums of 17th century composer Frescobaldi to crossover acts like 2 Cellos. Clearly, “classical” as a genre term has become a […]

Inside the Music: Getting to know Harold Meltzer’s Piano Quartet

by Jeannette Fang I was first introduced to the music of Harold Meltzer through his 2 Songs from Silas Marner, which stayed in my mind for its simple beauty, the cello evoking a peculiar feeling of loneliness and expanse. It was clear to me that Meltzer had a special mastery in creating texture to cull […]


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