On the upcoming pub concert: Colla, Coors, and Corn Chowder:

Every time I try to describe on this blog a piece of music we’re going to perform, two things happen. I test out a bunch of words that eventually morph into pretentious sacks, and the tunes of “insufferable” and “that’s not right at all” start cycling through my head in a 30 second loop. And […]

Announcing the winner of the 8th Annual Garth Newel Composition Competition

download press release for 2018 comp winner After receiving over 90 entries from all over the world, the members of the Garth Newel Piano Quartet are pleased to announce Balázs Kecskés from Hungary as the winner of Garth Newel’s 2018 Composition Competition. The Quartet offers their sincere thanks to all of the talented composers who […]


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