Program Notes on Her New Home

Her New Home is an intimate reimagining of the birth of Garth Newel.  Our protagonists, Christine Herter Kendall and William Sergeant Kendall are a couple at the center of a […]


Archduke Weekend – a tradition worth repeating Beethoven’s “Archduke” Trio is hard. Really hard. It contains some of the most awkward figuration in passages that should sound glittering and effortless. […]

Introducing Garth Newel Spotify Playlists

The Garth Newel Piano Quartet is excited to introduce a comprehensive listening companion for our 50th Anniversary Season! Spotify is an audio streaming service which provides listeners access to a […]

Infamous orchestral works at Garth Newel?

As some of you might have seen, I’ll be playing a duet concert this Saturday at Garth Newel, Feb.22, with Jeremy Thompson. And as some of you who have seen […]

Inside the Music: Lera Auerbach

In 2016, I wrote an excited post about Lera Auerbach for this blog, in which I gave a very subjective listing of some facts of her life that I had […]

Inside the Music: Stylefinder edition

by Jeannette Fang Categories are quick, but they are not always accurate, and more often than not they can be misleading. Just take a look at iTunes, where the “Classical” […]