Driving up the winding, tree lined road, you are transported to life at a country estate built in the 1920’s. You pass the stone pillars with the sign “Welcome to Garth Newel” and you unlock the magic that is at the heart of the Music Center. Here, music, art, fine food and exquisite landscapes are the centerpieces of this unique experience.  When you arrive you are struck by the natural beauty of the place; the groomed yet rustic elegance of the buildings, the tranquility and sense of peace that envelopes the property.

Concerts are held in Herter Hall where no guest is more than 40 feet away from the stage. The hall is a converted horse training ring with its original barn-like wood interior.  The superb acoustics are performed in the manner in which chamber music is intended– an intimate, musical conversation with friends.


Typical concerts combine the works of the great masters of the chamber music canon—Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann—interspersed with edgier, more contemporary works by living composers.  The Center also presents intimate Jazz, Roots Music, Folk and Americana concerts featuring award winning artists.


The unique Garth Newel Experience concludes with exquisite food. Aftere the performance guests join one another at beautifully set tables.  The musicians step down from the stage and join guests over the delights prepared by our resident Chef; often featuring locally sourced ingredients.  What follows is an experience of good food, good wine and good conversation. The stuff of lasting friendships.


You may attend just the concert, or join us for concert and dinner.  Overnight lodging on the property is available as well.


For more information about our concert dates, ticket prices and overnight lodging opportunities please visit us at www.GarthNewel.org.


Come! Feast your senses.



The Garth Newel Music Center Experience

  • Breathtaking Scenery
  • Rustic Elegance of the Buildings
  • World-Class Chamber Music
  • Fine Dining Experience
  • Intimate and Meaningful Conversation
  • Comfortable Accommodations