Previous Winners

2020: Collideoscope, by Jordan Kuspa; United States

2018: Accusativus, by Balázs Kecskés; Hungary

Balázs Kecskés introducing Accusativus before GNPQ's premiere on 8/11/2018


2015 - Silver Awakening, by Polina Nazaykinskaya; Russia


2013 - Departure, by Paolo Boggio; Italy

2012 - Abaculi Quartet, by Alberto E. Colla; Italy


2011 - Monkey Face, by Ivan Bozicevic; Croatia

8th Annual Garth Newel Piano Quartet Composition Competition


  • Is there an entry fee?
    • There is no entry fee.
  • Can I submit a work digitally?
    • Yes, you may send your materials to Recordings that are too big can be sent via Dropbox or google drive. Just make sure you are sending it without your name attached, and that you include a PDF of your biographical and contact info labeled "do not open until after the results are determined".
  • Do I need to send a recording?
    • Yes, you must send an audio realization of your work in order to be considered. We accept midi realizations as well as student readings of the work.
  • I have a recording of my piece in another version with different instrumentation. Can I send that as my recording, even though the submitted work is scored for piano quartet?
    • We ask that your recording be of the instrumentation that your submitted score calls for. If your work has been premiered, recorded, or published in another version/instrumentation without significant changes, then it is not eligible.
  • What do you consider a "professional premiere"?
    • By professional premiere, we mean a public performance of a work by professional musicians.
      • We understand that this is a thin and very debatable line, but for simplicity's sake we use the definition of "professional" to mean someone who has graduated from their schooling and is actively "engaged in a specified activity as one's main paid occupation".
      • We also consider a "public" premiere to mean that the work was performed for a wider community outside of the school environment, often for which tickets are exchanged or sold.
    • We also ask that the composition is a new work that has not been premiered by another ensemble in order to be eligible for this competition.
  • My composition has been self published. Is it still eligible?
    • If your composition has been made available for purchase or public distribution, it is not eligible.

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